Packing Baby & Mum’s bag for hospital !

What to take to the hospital


When it comes to packing your bag always remember what’s important and what’s unnecessary , like ladies you are not going to need those lovely lace bra’s and uncomfortable but look amazing underwear. You are going to want maternity bra’s even if your not feeding but just for comfort (get a size bigger then you are now so you have room) you are going to want comfy underwear Nanna underwear !

Its all about comfort and ensuring your recovering and settling into motherhood as smoothly as possible. I took advice from a fellow blogger ( )her blogs clearly explained what she needed for hospital for both baby and mum.

My Bag !

-10 pairs of Bonds maternity shortie underwear

– 4 Bonds maternity bra’s (2X Singlet bra’s)

-Comfy PJ’s , preferably dark coloured with a pattern to avoid stains

– x2 Socks as hospitals tend to be cooler.

-x2 Pairs of Tights

-x4 Comfy tops

-x1 Robe

-support belly band (Mamaway)


-Pillow for comfort

For Baby!

-x4 bodysuits preferably zippy ones

-x1 Swaddle double wrap (save our sleep)

-x5 Singlets

– x1 beanie and mittens

-x2 socks

-x2 Muslin wraps

-x1 Blanket

– Take home outfit.


some people also pack a bag for your partner as they are their for quiet a few hours with you , I recommend let them do this you have enough to do.


-clean shirt



-oils or creams to use to massage partner in labour (haha)

Mumma H




Not long to go now!!!



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Sorry it has been so long! Busy time of the year preparing for Christmas , Baby and New Years .

Since my last Post lots has happened , I am now 32 weeks pregnant and we have had our baby shower , found out our little Peanut is in fact a big Peanut and we finally set up our baby’s room. Although for most of you mums your little Bubba does not sleep in their own room till about 6 to 12 months it is important to make sure their is a familiar spot for he/she , getting them used to the room but having tummy time , nappy changes and even daily naps in bassinet in their own room.

As a first time mum it is easy to go crazy and buy lots of unnecessary things for your baby and the baby room. But saying yes to borrowed or passed down items is ok . realising how long your bub will be using things is important , I have found it so helpful with being offered things such as bassinet , baby carriers , feeding pillows  and even a breast pump . I know for some people these things may be wanted new but it has been a god sent. The cost for something you may only use a handful of times is ridiculous. so work out what you really think is worth paying for and keep your options open when it comes to borrowing things. I have created a list below of the things we have got for a little addition.


Well at 32 weeks I am starting to feel that tired exhausted feeling again , constipation has finally gone away and ladies they don’t lie when they tell you your body starts changing.

From cramps , Braxton hicks contractions to your breast becoming fuller and at this point you may even notice little bits of colostrum coming out This is all normal and everyone is different . Also you may feel random bursts of energy and nesting but then soon come back to that sleep exhausted self.  all in all I love being pregnant the feeling of being a mum is amazing even before the baby arrives you have a bond with your child and those little movements and kicks are just amazing.

We had our growth scan on our little ones arm , to find all well and its lucky fin is growing as normal. We have also been told Baby H is quiet large in both body and head size , YAY me . This week we will revisit the GP were she will either reschedule another scan or we will be induced at 38-39 weeks so bring on Saturdays appointment .

Ladies having a conversation with your support partner or partners is important letting them know your feelings about the birth and what you want during labor is important. Do what makes you feel good prepare a birth plan or don’t go in with a open mind that anything may happen. Me personally I have no birth plan and no restrictions what will be will be.

Please if anyone has anything to ask , comment or even advice for me please comment below I love your feedback.

Mumma H




Finish to Ante Natal classes!


12963440_10154462301011165_2218588971235517268_n.pngWell last night we completed our final Ante natal class !

What a night we managed to watch a baby be bathed and even saw a premature baby just 34 weeks old.

As we walked through the maternity ward getting ourselves familiar with where we will soon spend the first couple of days as a Mum , looking a birthing suits and rooms . I began to get not nervous or scared but excited in 14 weeks we will be here .

Before attending these classes I honestly thought they would be boring and a waste of time , I was so wrong each week I walked away with knowledge I wouldn’t have known unless I attended . Even my husband walked away with a positive attitude and feeling like he had learnt things.

Id highly recommended any soon to be Parent or even Preparing to be a mum again and it may have past a few year to attend. The knowledge and information that changes over 6 months ,to a year and beyond is amazing .

Speaking with other soon to be mums and hearing about birth plans and how they see themselves going into labour can be confronting and may help you decide if you want to prepare a birth plan . It is important that both you and your partner however birth plan or no birth plane talk about what your open to when you do go into labour , you don’t want to be demanding a epidural if your partner is completely against it. TALK about it ! Research and ensure you are both on the same page. Make sure you think about the small things like do you want lots of visitors after birth or do you want just direct family. Do you want your husband to remain at work until when you come home . Who do you want in the room during the  Birth. Talk about these things together as a Team , You both are the parent and these are things that we often forget to discuss before Baby arrives.

Mumma H


Early on in pregnancy

Baby Growing

#Mumma H

The beginning of my pregnancy my little bump was barely visible.

The first few weeks of pregnancy I experienced tiredness all the time , coming home from work and crashing on the couch , and feeling nauseas all the time not physically vomiting but feeling off.

That all wore of after about week 9 and 10. I was lucky but sometimes can last right up to the beginning of your second trimester .



First blog post

Finding Differences

OK! First post

I am now 25 weeks pregnant with my little Peanut , let the countdown begin 15 weeks to go.

Although I wanted to start this blog when I first fell pregnant its better late then never.

Now before I talk about all the fun things I am experiencing at the moment let me take you back 5 weeks to our 20 week scan.

5 weeks ago, 4 days after I married my now husband we went for our 20 week scan so excited to see our little PEANUT . After a hour of probing around and getting everything measured and accessed we were allowed to take a few photos of Bub and they lady said ok well doctor will be in touch.

The next day me being me wanted to make sure all was ok so I rang my GP for my results , only to be told I had to come in for them . I immediately began worried and rang my husband my first words were I think something’s wrong! My husband being the cool calm and collected one said don’t overthink it im sure everything is ok.  we went to the doctors that day with my mum also shortly after the phone call to be told that our child has a problem in the doctors words “Their is a big problem” I said ok so what is it? He then told us that our baby of 20 weeks had a Limb difference . now I don’t know about you but I was like what does that mean.

Basically between 8 and 10 weeks when our child developed hands arms , legs and feet. Our little bub didn’t develop its complete left arm and hand only growing from the shoulder to the elbow and 2 joints below that . missing a lower left arm limb and left hand.

we were devastated , shocked and torn . we had a choice and we had to take into account our child’s life not just the early years.

After seeing a doctor from Melbourne who came to our little regional city to complete another intense scan determining the movement , any other visual problems and to basically look at every inch of our baby  to find everything was perfect. However after already knowing their was a problem missed so early in my pregnancy we wanted to know 99%. We had Amniocentesis done which lady’s ;et me tell you was painful and had its risks . But as concerned parents we wanted to know , this test checked for reasons behind this difference , any other mental problems eg: Downs , Autism etc etc.

we had to wait 2 weeks for results , we were told everything came back perfect and that their was no reason that basically its bad luck and it just happened.

we have decided to keep our baby , with knowing this difference . I honestly see my child growing up facing normal things kids face . Yes their may be hurdle’s but we will overcome them , it is born like this not knowing any different and will grow like a normal child. I am not embarrassed or  concerned . In fact my only worry is the reactions from people of the public who may not be as understanding , self diagnosing my child without knowing the truth.

Don’t get me wrong it has been a hard journey accepting and adjusting to this reality .

Myself I can talk to people , reach out and research be hopeful that my child can do anything it sets its mind to . But I we all deal with things differently and So does my Husband like most people he couldn’t talk about it to much it hurt and it was a shock. He has good days and bad . He has his worries and concerns like any father, but I know that he wouldn’t change having this baby for the world .

so their it is my first post. sorry it was a long one but Im sure you understand its not something that could be edited into short form .


Mumma H